Charles P. Pearson

Partner | Licensed in FL, GA, TN, OR, WA | 
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Mr. Pearson is a partner in the firm and brings a broad spectrum of legal expertise earned over two decades. He is an energetic advocate for the best interests of his clients, with a meticulous eye for detail when it comes to the finer points of property insurance disputes.

Mr Pearson originally met his colleagues as a member of a competitive program in law school, called Moot Court, that was ranked #1 in the USA when Mr Pearson was a member. Competing against other law schools, Mr Pearson travelled around the USA giving oral argument on complex legal issues before experts in the field, including state supreme court justices and federal circuit court judges. Mr Pearson personally earned championships and best advocate awards. Beyond the team’s accolades, Mr Pearson and his teammates (now colleagues) forged a bond based upon hard work and excellence—that continues to this day.

Outside of the firm, Mr Pearson loves to run, cook, and spend time with his kids.

“During a snow storm, my wife came to me and said she saw water coming into the house. When I went outside to investigate, I noticed an ice/snow buildup on the gutters. I filed a claim with my insurance company, but they denied the claim. I contacted Property Claims Attorneys. I was thoroughly impressed with how they were able to work this through quickly and get a fair settlement. I generally don't like to give 5-star ratings (I always thought there would be room for improvement), but to do anything less here would be unfair. When I made the decision to pursue this litigation, I couldn't have expected a better outcome. Thanks again, Charles, for your help."

Randy Ruesink, Portland, OR

“My insurance company of 30 years would not resolve my claim equitably. Charles Pearson of Property Claims Attorneys facilitated a professional and expedient settlement. I wholeheartedly recommend them."

Daniel MacDonald, Mt Angel, OR

“We had a fantastic experience with Property Claims Attorneys representing us. They had attorneys that specialized in each part of the process needed to get our case resolved as quickly as possible. Everyone on their staff that we dealt with was professional and helpful. Don’t hesitate to retain them for your legal needs.”

Jade Diaz, Fort Myers, FL

"Upon consultation, we retained Property Claims Attorneys to represent us. This was the best decision we could have made. Our insurer continued to deny our claim and Property Claims Attorneys kept us abreast of the situation. The efficient manner handling our case was noted, and subsequently, resulted in our insurance company covering our claim."

Darrel & Linda Grabner, Fort Myers, FL

"Our roof started leaking during a major storm in February 2020. We immediately called our insurance company and after waiting some time they finally came out to look at our roof. To our surprise, they partially denied our claim with reasons that did not make sense to us. We were extremely frustrated, as we were left with little aid and an active roof leak right before storm season. As a result, we hired Property Claims Attorneys for assistance. They kept us informed of the process and timeline of events as things changed and were delayed due to COVID. After some back and forth between them and the insurance company on our behalf, we settled and are very happy with our new roof. We highly recommend Property Claims Attorneys and, as a realtor, I encourage my own customers to call them if their property insurance claims were denied. I encourage you to do the same."

Emily and Phillip Kelly, Tallahassee, FL


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Licensed to practice in Florida, Georgia, Oregon, and Washington.